About Us

With close to six decades of operations in the country, Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe (Limited) has earned the respect and trust of many generations of Zimbabweans as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high quality and innovative building solutions. Over the years, the company has maintained its commitment to supporting the various sectors of the economy through infrastructure development and enhancing agricultural productivity. As such, Lafarge offers a range of cement and allied products suitable for various construction needs. These range from aggregates, to cement and dry mortar products applied for the finest finishes in construction work. The company also offers a range of soil strengthening compounds in the form of agricultural lime and continues to innovate in products and services in order to meet the changing demands of the customer.

Lafarge serves in most provinces across the country with a current installed capacity to produce 450kt of cement annually. Through its operations, Lafarge employs about 800 people directly and creates thousands of upstream and downstream employment in its value chain. The company promotes diversity and inclusion thereby actively enforcing policies that support the participation of all persons regardless of gender, age and race.

As a subsidiary of the Swiss headquartered Holcim, Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe (Limited) taps into world class standards in building solutions supply as well as health and safety standards. As a market leader in the construction industry in Zimbabwe, Lafarge commits to leading in sustainable operations ensuring a healthy footprint on the natural environment as well as the communities surrounding the business.

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Email: zim.sales@lafarge.com

Sustainable Development

We believe that our CSR engagement should not only be an enabler to help us fulfill our social targets, but also a mean to add value to our business. Lafarge follows the Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Agenda 2030, in implementing its development projects that focus on eradicating poverty, improving health care, education and training as well as protecting the environment.   

We engage in different types of CSR such as, sponsorship, partnership, SSIs projects (strategic social investments) & donation to support certain causes that are aligned with Lafarge Zimbabwe's areas of focus (Education, Health & Safety, Training & Employment, Environment & Shelter, Infrastructure).

Lafarge Zimbabwe aims to assess local needs and partner with local stakeholders around its operations in order to contribute to areas in need of economic development, as well as encourage and enhance volunteering culture among its employees.