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Latest News

Closer to our Customers: TAVAKA neLafarge Franchise Containers

Driven by the need to get closer to our consumers, Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe has launched the TAVAKA neLafarge franchise container programme. Through this programme, the company will deploy the Tavaka neLafarge franchise containers in residential and commercial sites around the country. 
Requirements to become a TAVAKA neLafarge franchisee:

  • Initial capital: equivalent to 1 truck load
  • Location: visible & close to the market
  • Surface Area: 30 m² for a 40ft container
  • Parking space: Offloading & loading
  • Land Ownership: Able to Secure working space
  • Owner Motivation: Entrepreneurial skills (Owner runs the container shops)
  • Customer should be a first time operator of a Lafarge container

To find out more about TAVAKA neLafarge or to join, please contact Tafadzwa Madera on 0772 228 060 or email



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Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe 2018 Annual Report

Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe 2018 Annual Report

Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe 2018 Annual Report.pdf (pdf, 11.69 MB)


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LF Zimbabwe Annual Report PR


2016 Annual Report (pdf, 19.09 MB)


Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe Financial Reports

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  • 2014 Full Year Financial Results (pdf, 59.63 KB)
  • 2013 Full Year Financial Results (pdf, 5.04 MB)