Cement is one of the oldest building materials in the world. For centuries, cement has been essential to building long-lasting homes, modern offices and public infrastructure. It is manufactured through a large-scale, capital-and energy-intensive process. Production of cement begins in a rotary kiln in which limestone and clay are heated to approximately 1,450 degrees Celsius. Under these extreme conditions, a semi-finished product called clinker is then formed. Different high-grade additives then produce the different kinds of cement. Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe has three flagship products.

Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe  is one of the leading  cement players in the country. Our high performance blended cements are available in Supaset, Portland Cement (PC) and Masonry Cement (MC) variants.

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Having a beautiful home is a dream for most of us.  At Lafarge, our interaction and experience with homebuilders over a period of time has given us a deep understanding of the process. Similarly all cement products are produced under stringent quality controls. It is because of this that Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe has maintained its reputation for delivering a consistently good quality end product.     


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