Dry Mortars Mix Products


Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe is the only diversified cement company in Zimbabwe. Besides cement & aggregates, the company has a diverse range cement and lime bases products. This is testimony of the Lafarge's innovation drive which allows the company to add value to waste materials from the cement manufacturing process.

Agricultural Lime is a calcitic grade soil additive, which enables it to produce quick results. It is made from pulverised limestone. The primary active component is calcium carbonate. It enhances crop yields as it increases the pH of acidic soils, thereby greatly enhancing uptake of nutrients by plants. It provides a source of calcium for plants and permits improved water penetration for acidic soils.


Pre-sanded Cemwash

Pre-sanded Cemwash is an economical attractive decorative Portland Cement-based paint manufactured by Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe. It is sold as a powder, to which water has to be added. It is easily mixed and applied with a block brush. It provides a waterproof rock hard surface that will last for years. It is available in colours that include deep cream, mahogany, birch, cedar, oak, willow, pine, sandalwood, stinkwood, ash and aspen (white).



Cemprover is another Lafarge product that is used in construction. It is a liquid with adhesive properties recommended for use as a "plaskey" for plastering onto smooth surfaces. It is also used as a general purpose lime sealer and in conjunction with paints to improve adhesion.


Colorbrite & Snolime

Colorbrite is a pigmented lime-based paint for painting the inside of houses. It is produced by Lafarge in a variety of colors, including light blue, light green, mist grey, rose pink, primrose, white, blue, green, ivory and corn.

Snolime is a traditional limewash paint made from lime. And Colorbrite is a pigmented lime paint



Impermo is a water repellent material that Lafarge produces in powder form for mixing with Portland Cement before aggregates such as sand are added to produce durable water repellent renderings. It is used in the construction of water bearing structures such as swimming pools, water reservoirs and dip tanks. It is also used in structures where moisture should not be allowed in, such as granaries and basements.



Tilecoat is a cement-based tile adhesive with additives that increase initial adhesion and allow for greater workability in terms of time and ease of adjustment. It is used for fixing mosaic, ceramic stone, clay porcelain and wall and floor tiles.