Lafarge's commitment to innovation is the key to its leadership in the building materials industry.

The Group was the first in its sector to have a dedicated research and development unit, and work continues there to this day, ensuring our products anticipate the changing needs of our customers.




Research Centres

The Lafarge Research Center in France is the largest building materials laboratory in the world. Its activities are complemented by local teams in a network of technical centers around the globe. The technical center in North America, known as Corporate Technical Services, is located in Montreal.    



Innovative Products

Lafarge strives to provide products that are innovative and offer high added value. We understand that customers have specific expectations of materials suppliers, so we are constantly striving for new architectural and structural solutions that can have a positive and sustainable impact on projects.



Partnerships in Zimbabwe

Lafarge runs a Partnership in building program, designed to partner with learning institutions in an effort to develop the construction industry, by facilitating learning programmes that can enhance knowledge and skills growth in the sector.

This programe was born out of a realisation that significant construction in Zimbabwe is carried out by masons, many of whom have not had any formal training in construction.

If you would like to know more about this programe, please don't hesitate to contact the our marketing team for further information!