All about r&d


Have you always wondered how Research and development works at Lafarge? Discover in animation, Lafarge's research and development priorities and stakes, the Group's fields of expertise and competencies, as well as the innovative cement, concrete and aggregates solutions and technologies developed by the teams from the Lafarge Research Center (LCR). Check out the video!

Innovating to build differently

The Lafarge Research Center (LCR) is the world's leading research facility in building materials. It brings together 250 researchers of more than a dozen different nationalities, with complementary scientific expertise. Organized around Competency Groups, these researchers work on understanding the physical and chemical mechanisms governing the behavior of the Group's materials and the development of new technologies to meet major construction challenges.

The research projects carried out at LCR relate to:

  • Building for everyone: how to build faster and at a lower cost, to respond to people's needs for housing and infrastructure;
  • Energy efficiency of buildings;
  • Preserving the environment.

These projects are part of the Group's Efficient BuildingTM approach in favor of more efficient and sustainable constructions for all. 

Building for everyone

Today, four billion of the world's inhabitants do not have access to decent accommodation. What solutions can be developed for affordable housing, but also to build faster and at a lower cost, in a context of rapid urbanization?

Reducing construction costs is therefore relevant everywhere, whether it concerns high-end or social housing, but also performance on the worksite, the speed of construction, the quality of construction and the robustness of the solutions provided.

Building for everyone therefore means finding solutions for decent accommodation but also reducing the overall construction cost so that people all around the world can continue to have access to housing in a context of urbanization.