2020 Ambitions


The 2030 Plan

Sustainable development, social progress, environmental protection: these concerns have been at the heart of Lafarge's strategy since its inception, over 170 years ago

Lafarge showed its leadership in this area by being the first in its sector and one of the first industrials to take on firm CO2 reduction commitments and has continued its progress in its Ambitions 2012 program (2007-2012).


We are increasingly convinced that considering the vast challenges that the world faces on education, urbanization and poverty, we need to go further.


As the world leader in our sector, we can contribute to improving the quality of life of an always-expanding urban population through homes, housing systems and infrastructure.


This is why Lafarge Sustainability Ambitions 2020 are the first steps towards a vision of the future where we strive to protect the environment and, more importantly, to make a net positive contribution to society as a whole.


Our new Ambitions are organized around three pillars that will establish us as a leading sustainability company:

  • Society / Building Communities,
  • Economy / Building Sustainably,
  • Environment / Building the Circular Economy.

Lafarge's Ambitions 2020 will drive changes to every part of the Group's operations over the next eight years, in order to change the way we operate and let us progress towards our vision.

Speaking with stakeholders

We believe that one of the most basic values is to operate with transparency both within our company and with our stakeholders.By respecting the rights of everyone for whom we have any direct or indirect relationship we will be able to implement this value.

By enhancing our dialogue with all our stakeholders in the most transparent manner, Lafarge will continue to build on a tradition of many years of constructive relationships with NGOs, clients, consumers, governments and local authorities, employees and shareholders.

By being a values-led company, we can ensure that as a corporation, we stay fit-for-purpose.