The company is certified by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe for IS014001:2004, Environmental Management System and has set targets and objectives for managing its environmental performance for the purposes of continual improvement.

The Environmental Management System ensures sustainable development by minimising any pollution to the environment, while adhering to set local legal requirements.



Lafarge Cement takes steps to rehabilitate disused mines according to the requirements of the respective environmental impact assessments.

Programs to reduce CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions to mitigate global warming threats are also pursued.

To this end the company uses 25% of waste from other industries as raw material feed to the process and champions the case for resource recovery and waste re-cycling.


To protect the environment, Lafarge has diversified its sources of raw materials and types of mineral deposits. Any planned quarry is subject to an environmental impact assessment as stipulated by the Environmental Management Act and is conducted in consultation with stakeholders.