Business Actions

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe has taken the necessary measures to protect the health of its employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We are also paying close attention to the health of the business in terms of the likely impact of the measures being taken nationally to manage the pandemic. As such, we have been closely monitoring the evolving situation and are proactively putting in place measures to mitigate the impact on the business’ viability.   


While the construction sector and construction sites are generally more resilient than other sectors, the lockdown has presented us with disruptions in some of our operations. In order to mitigate the financial impact of the situation, we have launched the action plan “HEALTH, COST & CASH” for immediate execution.  Under this plan, the Health of our employees, their families and our stakeholders remain top priority. A number of systems are being set up to ensure sustained wellness for all during and beyond this period.  Secondly, we are focused on continued containment of our costs. This involves a number of initiatives to bring costs down, improving efficiencies and innovating to optimize costs without compromising the quality of operations. Lastly, we are advancing on the use of digital customer interface platforms to continue to drive sales, keep our products and brands at the top of the mind among our customers and supporting those running operations that have been exempted from the lockdown. This puts the business in a position to meet fixed costs in the short term.